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Cloud computing has been on the rise for couple of years now and from day to day it gets bigger and more popular with more and more companies developing software and applications.


Cloud cuts the costs of development and managing software significantly and the products are ready to hit the market quicker than ever – says Pro4People, one of the leaders of cloud based software implementation in Poland.

There are many benefits of cloud based development, but there are also stumbles that you must be prepared to face once you make the switch from physical servers to a cloud. What should you know before moving to cloud based software development?


Cloud may be much more difficult to work with

Cloud is a marvellous way to run tests and develop apps and software, but it doesn’t always work the same way it would physically. Some things cannot be copied onto a cloud service just like that, legacy system being one of the examples, so after developing an application in the cloud and before bringing it to run locally, you may need to do some more work on it. Some people also forget that the cloud is still in the development process itself – you may have to go back to your XML and SQL roots to deal with programming that would otherwise be done for you by a program.

Software based on cloud solutions

An unknown territory

Cloud environment is still new and unknown for many developers. Some people are shocked when faced with the need to learn something from the very beginning. But there are some tools and resources available in the cloud that are completely new to the computing world and surprisingly there is not that much documentation on how to use and understand them. Also, some developers don’t remember that the cloud has its limitations and for most of its services you pay for actual usage. Letting your work run for the weekend without the need to do so could cost you some unexpected money.

The cloud has undoubtedly a huge potential on the software development market and more companies will be moving towards it – Pro4People adds.

However, it is crucial for anyone planning to dive into the virtual world of cloud computing to find out how it works first. Saving money is a real plus side of the cloud as long as you know what to do. Otherwise, your money could be drained faster than you think.

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