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Psychiatrists all over the world have been having a good run for the last several years. With the rise of consciousness over mental illnesses, addictions, anxieties, phobias and other mental problems, there have been new job openings not only for those working at a psychiatric ward but in private practices as well. Psychiatry jobs are particularly popular in the Western part of Europe, with countries such as France and Sweden leading their way on the job market. How do you go about finding a psychiatry job abroad and is it possible to get with no prior experience except your studies and training?

Working abroad – do you need to be experienced?

For years, there has been a stigma around working abroad, especially in the medical field – most people say that although you are able to earn more there if you want a good job, you need some experience in the field. This, however, has proven not to be true as more and more graduates fresh off university are now deciding to move abroad and start their careers fresh in the new country. You will probably need to get through additional training and some lower grade jobs first, but you are still progressing in your psychiatric career and in fact, doing all the things you would do in your own country – the only difference is that you probably get better prospects on the future and much better money.


Why do people decide to move abroad?

Psychiatrists, especially in the Eastern part of Europe are still not that popular and often find it hard to get patients. If you want a more stable, certain job, moving abroad might be the best decision here. France and Sweden are now leaders on the medical market, searching for candidates to work as psychiatrists all over Europe. All you need to do is get your education high, your language skills to perfection and your life ready to be moved abroad. Employment agencies are there to help you settle and survive all the job application processes. Looking for a vacancy in psychiatry on your own may be a lot harder than looking for it in an agency – remember that they are legally operating in the field and have many connections with hospitals and private practices all over Europe. There is a good chance you will find a psychiatry job somewhere in Europe and who knows, you might be surprised how ready you were to move.


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