Why usually people are wasting the potential of a basement?

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Are you caught up on the latest interior trends? It seems like most people aren’t since most of them are still hesitant to renovate one of the best spaces of the whole house – the basement. That’s right – interior designers all around the world are stressing out because people are basically brushing the idea away, saying that the basement is just a dusty old space for non-important things and since there’s usually little to no windows and almost no heating, it can’t be used for anything else. Well, let us say they’re wrong. Here’s why people waste the potential of the basement and what could be done with the space instead.

They don’t see the space as useful

For decades basements were serving just a constructional purpose of holding up the house and seen as just that. There have been even times when the basement was scratched out completely and the houses were sprawling out on the land instead. Now, basements are coming back again because constructors see it as a practical solution to build spacious houses and save on the land at the same time. If you live in an older house and happen to have a basement, nothing’s lost. By renovating, you can get as much as double the space you have now and that’s just with a simple painting and flooring job most of the times. Think about the basement as a room that never gets finished. If it was in the middle of the house, it would bother you every day, wouldn’t it. We think it’s time to start treating the basement the same way.

They don’t see it as a good investment

For many people the value of the house is in the high-end finishes and add-ons that make it seem far more expensive than it actually is. What they don’t see is that they are wasting precious space that could actually add to the value of the house and make its price jump up – the basement. It doesn’t have to be that messy, grey, gloom storage space. Instead, try thinking of it as a place for fun, games, relax, office or anything you feel like is missing in your house. If you ever think about selling, people who buy will appreciate that all the houses on the market are two bedroom and yours, same size at first glance, has more than that. That’s what we call a worthy investment.


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