How do headphones work?

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We use headphones all the time – to listen to MP3s and DVDs, play musical instruments and much more. But how exactly do they work?
Essentially, headphones are a pair of transducers that convert electrical signals from any type of media player or receiver. The headphone speakers convert these signals into waves, so your ears can hear them. On the basis of this description one can immediately guess how telephones and radios work. And indeed, these have preceded the headphones.

There are four basic types of headphones: ohrumschluß, ohraufliegend, earphones / headphones and in-ear headphones. The differences between them are mostly visible – they vary in size and style. A lot of people are nowadays just looking at appearance and the style of their headphones. I think that is a little too short. You should be more concerned about the quality and durability of the headphones, rather than worrying about how they look at the head. Would you rather have a great sounding experience that lasts a long time, or do you want to look good, but after a half year have broken headphones?

With noise canceling headphones, both go

Studies have shown that the use of headphones at high volume can cause temporary or permanent hearing damage. The companies have responded to this threat, and have initiated safe products. One came to the idea of ​​noise canceling headphones. These allow an almost complete occlusion of the auricle, which has better sound properties with less volume.

In addition, these products have an active filter system which operates via microphones attached to the outside of the headphone. This system analyzes the outside noise and simply filters out disturbing frequencies. In part, the manufacturers give a reduction of the external noise of up to 98%.

When looking for a new set of headphones, you should choose for quality and sound experience. Meanwhile, wireless headphones are also a popular trend. Whatever your needs are, it is usually limited by your budget. Therefore, save and buy quality, then you have something of your listening pleasure in the long run.

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